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Container Toilet Rental Prices In Singapore

Container Toilet Rental

Toilet containers are modeled after indoor toilets, serving as a portable solution to the lack of restrooms at construction sites. There are a number of benefits to renting container toilets. This includes improved sanitation and safety, reduced water usage (no need for flushing), and less time spent on finding new places for employees to relieve themselves.

In fact, container toilets are the perfect sanitation solution for a variety of construction projects. Construction workers, site visitors, and nearby residents can all be confident that they will not have to deal with unsightly or unsafe conditions.

Container toilets come in different shapes and sizes, with various amenities built-in, meaning you can find one best suited to your needs at a reasonable price!

Portable Toilet Rental Costs in Singapore

Your costs will vary depending on the type of portable toilets, as they each offer different functions and amenities. At K&W Mobile Loo, we offer a wide range of portable toilet units that you can choose from.

Executive toilet

Provides the basics, including a flushing system, ventilation system, toilet roll, hand wash basin, soap dispenser, and bulb lighting with wiring.

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Premium toilet

Same as the executive, with premium amenities such as a jumbo toilet roll, paper hand towel dispenser, and mirror.

VIP toilet

Same as the premium, but offers upgraded amenities including an air-freshener and seat-sanitizer.

Extra Large Premium toilet

More spacious as compared to the regular portable toilet unit.


Designed for use at high-rise construction sites.

Looking to rent portable toilets? K&W Mobile Loo’s range of portable toilets for rent includes everything from standard units to more highly specified and sophisticated ones! Feel free to get in touch with us for a quote.

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