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Portable Toilet Rental Costs In Singapore

Portable Toilet Rental

Portable toilets are useful for outdoor events when there are no restrooms in close proximity. These mobile and portable units have become quite popular in Singapore, especially for social and corporate occasion venues in huge outdoor spaces.
Meeting the basic needs of using the restroom is something that event planners naturally have to deal with. This especially becomes a concern for larger crowds, but renting a portable toilet is a convenient solution that helps to keep your guests comfortable throughout the event.

There are two types of portable toilets:

  • Portable toilets connected with a sewage system
  • Chemical toilets

The former is essentially a temporary mobile lavatory that often comes with faucets, basins, a flushing commode, hand soaps, towels, deodorisers and more. These units are well-sanitised and eco-friendly, ensuring great cleanliness at your gatherings.
The latter is a single unit with a removal system that collects human excreta in a holding tank, using chemicals to minimise foul odours.

Portable Toilet Rental Costs in Singapore

When it comes to portable toilet rental, there are many things that you should consider. The cost of such a service is just one of them. Depending on the type of portable toilet you intend to rent, your costs may vary. At K&W Mobile Loo, we offer a diverse range of options.

These individual portable toilets come in various sizes and offer different facilities that are suited to your event needs:

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Executive Toilet

Provides regular flushing and ventilation system, along with basic amenities.

Premium Toilet

Comes with additional amenities such as a paper hand towel dispenser and mirror.

VIP Toilet

Offers upgraded facilities that include an air freshener and seat sanitiser.

Extra Large Premium Toilet

Larger than the regular portable toilet.


Exclusively for use at high-rise construction sites.

You will find that the price for renting a portable toilet in Singapore varies greatly depending on what company you choose to work with. One thing is certain though, K&W Mobile Loo Services offer competitive pricing for those who need this service!

If you’re looking to rent portable toilets, feel free to contact us for a quote. The entire rental process will be hassle-free as we’ll handle the logistics, installation, cleaning, and waste disposal for you.

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