June 09

Portable Toilets For Outdoor Events: Are They Essential?

You might be wondering, do I really need portable toilets for hosting my outdoor event? Portable toilets play an essential role in the organisation of a big event in an open space. Guests can survive without refreshments, music, or entertainment at the function, but the lack of a toilet or restroom will be problematic.

Reasons Why You Need Portable Toilets at Your Event


Portable toilets provide your guests with convenience when they need to answer nature’s call. If adequate portable toilets are installed, there will be no need to travel a great distance just to find an available portable toilet unit. This way, you can rest assured that all your guests are well taken care of.

A portable toilet can easily be set up on-site to provide restrooms for guests, and is generally considered to be a hassle-free process. Moreover, they’re also a cost-effective solution for providing restrooms at your outdoor event.

Reduced risk of infection

Another important reason for providing portable toilets is to reduce the risk of infections. This will be especially helpful if you’re having a fancier event and are inviting guests from other countries, or even locals who have different bacteria on their hands.

Instead of relieving themselves in an unpredictable space or congregating in the nearest restaurant bathrooms, your guests can now use portable toilets. These portable toilets are specifically designed for such occasions, allowing them to stay away from any germs which might exist in public bathrooms too.

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No more long lines

Providing portable toilets will mean no more dealing with long waiting lines outside of a dirty public restroom. Your guests and attendees will be able to appreciate the availability of portable toilets even if there are public restrooms nearby, especially if those restrooms are poorly maintained.

In some cases, it is unlikely that a public restroom can accommodate all of your guests. At some point during the day, a long line of guests wanting to use the restrooms will begin to form. Installing several portable toilets will mean a shorter waiting time to use the bathroom, and prevent a bottleneck forming at the public restrooms.

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