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Event Portable Toilet Rentals: How Many Toilets Are Needed?

We have all been at events where the number of people vastly exceeded the available restroom facilities. To avoid this situation, it is important to know how many portable toilets are needed. The answer to this question will depend on many factors, including how long your event will be, where it is being held and what type of venue it is at.

Things to Consider

The number of guests that are attending your event will have a huge impact on the type and amount of portable toilets you need. For events with more than 250 people in attendance, you should provide one toilet per 25 guests. For smaller gatherings of 50 to 100 or so, that number is around one toilet for every 40 attendees.

There are also other considerations based on the average person’s frequency of use and how much time they spend at your event. For example, if the demographic of your event is female-dominated, it’s likely that you’ll need more portable toilets to avoid lengthy queues and unhappy guests.

If your event is serving food and beverages, then it is recommended that one portable toilet per 50 guests be installed. This is because a much higher frequency of portable toilet use is to be expected when refreshments are being consumed.

The location of your event also matters as an event that covers a very large area will naturally require more portable toilets. You should take into consideration the greater distance that guests need to travel to use your portable toilet facilities. 

There’s also the question of how long your event will actually last. For example, if you have a full day planned for events and activities with plenty of breaks in between them, then fewer portable toilets may be required on site.

If you’re unsure about the number of portable toilets best suited for your event space, don’t worry! Feel free to contact K&W Mobile Loo Services and we’ll be more than happy to answer your queries and offer some advice.

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